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From maximizing productivity to ensuring continuity when disaster strikes, businesses, higher education institutions and Internet service providers demand uninterrupted access to websites, data centers, remote locations and the Internet. LinkProof is a multi-WAN switch that allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your WAN, bypassing service provider bottlenecks and outages, managing bandwidth consumption and letting you decide which links are used.​​ for which applications and when. It is the only 16Gbps on-demand solution that adapts to your current and future WAN link load balancing needs and lets you add, manage and load balance multiple ISP connections while you mix and match VPNs, private and public links for backup or in response to increasing bandwidth needs. The result? Flexibility to build a best-in-class WAN solution that keeps costs down and keeps customers and users always connected to business-critical applications and websites for years to come.


Radware LinkProof

R$30,000.00 Regular Price
R$20,000.00Sale Price
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